University of WaterlooBachelor of Applied Science Computer Engineering 2016
Interests & Activities
TechScalable Distributed Systems, Serverless Architecture, Product Design, Game Theory, Databases, IndieHackers, Product Hunt
HobbiesSnowboarding, Reading, Travel, Podcasts, Music Discovery, Movies, Outdoors, Cooking, Concerts, Weight Lifting, Basketball, Board Games
BooksWhen Breath Becomes Air, GEB, Dreams from My Father, Demian, Obstacle is the Way, The Black Swan, The Trial, Norwegian Wood, The Three Body Problem, The Master and Margerita
Tech MentorMentored an Engineering Resident (Intern-like role) at Google for 5 months
English TeacherLed weekly advanced English courses for a group of Czech and international students
Nest"Paul piloted the migration of Structure Members Services over the course of more than a quarter to see it through all the way to production. This service is in the critical path of Nest user experience and was not an easy project to tackle. Paul's effort paved the way for migrating even more complex components to GCP and the team learned a lot about GCP, GKE, Stackdriver and Spinnaker from Paul's work. Great job!" - Sujoy Gupta (Manager), Jan 2018
Nest (internship)"In this internship Paul has completed his 3 projects with high quality. He has demonstrated strong capability to take a requirement through the complete cycle of design, implementation, deployment, documentation, user support/feedback, and maintenance, with minimal guidance. Paul is familiar with common tools and work flow of software development which allows him to be productive quickly with little additional training. As his supervisor I am very satisfied with his performance, and as a team we highly appreciate Paul's contribution. To put things in perspective Paul has done better than majority of new grads I've seen." - Hao Li (Manager)
Programming LanguagesJavaScript/TypeScript, C#, Python, Scala, Java, Docker, Terraform, SQL (MySQL, MSSQL, Postgres, Cloud Spanner), noSQL (MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis), Bash
Tools & frameworksKubernetes, GCP/Firebase, gRPC, React, Node, Next.js, Vue.js, TailwindCSS, Ant.Design, Django, Flask, SASS, Git, Serverless
MiscFull-Stack, Infrastructure, API Development, Distributed Systems, Unit & Functional Testing, CI/CD (Spinnaker), Build Systems, Analytics, Product Driven
Kaggle, Google (
Remote / Seattle, WA
Software Engineer III
Jan 2019 - Present
  • Core contributor in establishing modern CI/CD practices at Kaggle. Configured deployment platform, Spinnaker, and created various deployment templates via Terraform for all teams to use to deploy and test their services.
  • Consolidated and modernized Kaggle logging and monitoring practices. Configured Stackdriver agents to monitor and collect Kubernetes node/pod data that could be visualized and alerted upon. Added structured logging to all Kaggle services to enable JSON key/value pairs of information to be used for filtering in Stackdriver.
  • Designed and implemented an improved Data Viewer service for Datasets using C#, .NET, gRPC and deployed on Kubernetes.
  • Improved Kaggle's developer experience from a local, Windows only setup to a Linux, remote friendly environment that require minimal user setup.
  • Team was fully remote spanning global timezones.
Nest, Google (
Palo Alto, CA
Software Engineer II/III
Aug 2016 - Jan 2019
  • Core contributor on Google Nest Account merge. This involved integrating legacy Nest services with modern Google Authentication systems. Wrote public APIs in Scala/Finagle for the Nest backend which would communicate over gRPC to a Java backend running in Google infrastructure. Heavy integration work with Apps/Web teams to coordinate API development.
  • Designed, developed and deployed the first service at Nest to run on Kubernetes. Led the development/integration of a new Continuous Integration and Deployment System (CI/CD). Set up multiple testing/canary analysis tools/pipelines to gate releases, ensuring high quality and stable builds were being pushed to production. This improved deployment times from over 2 weeks of manual effort and testing, to under an hour, in a completely automated fashion. This work was used as the model for all deployments and migration efforts going forward at Nest.
  • Created probing framework to monitor latencies, availability and functionality of a new Database service (on top of Spanner) that all Nest data was being migrated to. Developed in Java and deployed on Kubernetes (GKE) via Spinnaker (CI/CD).
Toronto, ON
Software Engineering Intern
Sept 2015 - Dec 2015
  • Full-stack web development using Javascript, Node, Redis, MongoDB, and React.
  • Created cross-platform player; including Youtube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Vine, Instagram and Bandcamp APIs.
Nest, Google (
Palo Alto, CA
Software Engineering Intern
Jan 2015 - May 2015
  • Implemented internal tools dealing with large scale data manipulation and processing built on Node for real device data.
  • Consolidated testing suites into one web-based dashboard using Python.
  • Virtual window shopping for independent stores across the internet.
  • Built with Typescript, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Zeit/Now, Firebase, MaterialUI, and Mailchimp.
  • The world's simplest time tracking app.
  • Built with Typescript, React, Next.js, Zeit/Now, Firebase, Stripe, TailwindCSS.
TikTok Analytics 
  • Built a system to track user and post statistics by scraping public TikTok data.